Giving With Ease

Unfortunately, tuition alone does not cover the costs of educating our students at Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School. The cost of living is continually rising and people have less money available to contribute so now is the time for us to do the easy things we can to support our school.

Please select from the above menu to discover the many ways you can easily contribute to the financial support of Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School. Please take time to read through the following pages to learn how to take advantage of these opportunities. Remember to tell grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbors of the ways they can contribute.

How To Give

There are many ways to support Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School. Below are some suggestions. Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School is a 501(c)(3) tax organization so gifts are tax-deductible as allowable by law.

Unrestricted Cash Gifts

The most straightforward giving option, cash provides immediate support for St. Francis Xavier Catholic School, its programs, projects, and future plans.


Charitable remainder trusts provide a gift for the school while also providing continuous yearly income for you or your specified beneficiary. You receive an immediate income tax deduction equal to a large percentage of your gift, and a portion of the income you receive over time is non-taxable.

Bequests & Wills

Perhaps the most simple and common way of making a planned gift is through a will. A bequest in a will can take the form of a fixed amount of money, a percentage of an estate, a specific asset, a trust, or the naming of an organization such as Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School as a contingent beneficiary.

You can view a Sample Bequest Language document Here

Student Scholarships


A financial endowment is a transfer of money or property donated to an institution. The total value of an institution's investments is often referred to as the institution's endowment and is typically organized as a public charity, private foundation, or trust. Among the institutions that commonly manage an endowment are: academic institutions (e.g., colleges, universities, private schools), cultural institutions (e.g., museums, libraries, theaters, hospitals) and religious establishments. An endowment may come with stipulations regarding its usage. In some circumstances an endowment may be required to be spent in a certain way or alternatively invested, with the principal to remain intact in perpetuity or for a defined time period. This allows for the donation to have an impact over a longer period of time than if it were spent all at once.

You can view a Sample Endowment Language document Here

Target REDcard

You can support Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School by shopping with your Target REDcard. Target will donate an amount equal to 1% of your qualifying Target REDcard purchases to Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School. Donations are given in March and October, with funds accumulating all year long. If you already have a Target REDcard, you can designate Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School by calling 1-800-316-6142.

Please visit the Target REDcard website for more information


United Way

Even though Saint Francis Xavier is not a United Way charity, you can still contribute to the school through the United Way. An easy time to do this is during their annual fund drive. Just designate Saint Francis Xavier on your form and the school will receive your donation.

Please visit the United Way website for more information

United Way

Campbell's Labels for Education

Campbell's offers a program to schools to obtain free equipment. Simply peel the label from the product and turn it in into the school office. The following are eligible products:


Bean products, Chunky Soups, Condensed Soups, Healthy Request Soups, Healthy Request Tomato Juice, Low Sodium Soups, Ready to Serve Soups, Select Soups, Simply Home Soups & Recipe Mix, Soup To Go, Tomato Juice.

Franco American

Gravy, Spaghetti O's & Pasta.

Pepperidge Farms

Breads, Croutons, Rolls, Stuffing, Cookies, Crackers, Goldfish & Snack Mixes, Frozen Garlic Bread, Cakes, Turnovers, Dumplings, Puff Pastry, Farm Soups.


Pasta Sauces.


Broths, Poultry.


Healthy Request Vegetable Juice, Splash, Vegetable Juice.

You may view the Labels for Education Particicpating Products Guide for a full list of products.
Please visit the Campbell's Labels For Education website for more information


Box Tops For Education

Box Tops for Education is another easy way to earn money for Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School. Look for the "Box Tops For Education" logos on General Mills, Ziploc, Hefty, Kleenex, Scott, Cottonelle, Betty Crocker and a variety of other snack products.

Cut out the logo and turn it into the school office. Each Box Tops logo is worth 10 cents. For a complete list of products, please view the Boxtops Participating Products Guide.

Please visit the Box Tops for Education website for more information


One Cause-Schoolpop

If you are an online shopper this site is for you. All you have to do is go to Onecause-Schoolpop click join, find Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School, and then start shopping. This site has hundreds of merchants to choose from. You just select the store of your choice and Schoolpop automatically takes you to the merchant's site. With each purchase a percentage of your purchase will be given to our school. The percentages vary form merchant to merchant. This is an easy way to donate money to Saint Francis Xavier by purchasing items you were already purchasing.

Please visit the Onecause-Schoolpop website for more information


Smith's Food & Drug Stores

The Smith's Community Rewards program is a way to generate fundraising dollars for Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School, simply use your Fresh Values Card every time you shop at Smith's. Smith's will automatically donate a percentage of total purchases back to the school.

If you currently have a Fresh Values Card you will need to register at Smith's Community Rewards so that your purchases will be counted towards Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School. You may need the code on this flyer to link your rewards account to St. Francis Xavier: Rewards Flyer

Please visit the Smith's Community Rewards website for more information.


Matching Gifts Program

Some companies match employee donations to non-profit organizations. The Advancement Office has a flyer that lists companies that match gifts; if you do not see your company listed check with your company's human resource representative to see if they offer a matching gift program for their employees. The following is a small list of local businesses that offer such a program

Fidelity Investments
American Express
ATK Thiokal
Bank America
Becton Dickinson
BF Goodrich
Coca Cola, Corp
Delta Airlines
Fidelity Investments
Federated Dept Stores Inc.
Franklin Quest
Home Depot
J. C. Penney
Key Bank
Nissan Motor Corp
Northwest Pipeline
Pepsico Company, Inc.
Pitney Bowes
State Farm
U.S. Bank
Union Pacific
Wells Fargo Bank

My Coke Rewards

Dear Parents, We are excited to announce that St. Francis Xavier will be participating in a new fundraiser this year: My Coke Rewards for Schools.

We will be collecting codes from participating Coke products throughout the year to earn great Art supplies and P.E. Equipment for the school and you can start now to help us get on course!

All you need to do to help is: Stock up on your favorite Coca-Cola beverages to get codes. The codes can be found on products listed in the Participating Products Guide as well as where to find the codes. Simply bring the caps or clip the box and bring the codes to school where there will be a designated box located in the main office. A parent volunteer will enter the codes on a bi-weekly basis and we will be on our way to earn great things for St. Francis Xavier School! Let your friends, family, and neighbors know you are collecting these points and have them save for you too!

Remember...even small point contributions can lead to great things for our school! Watch the display in the office to see how close we are to our rewards! Thank you for your help as we look forward to another great year!

Please visit the My Coke Rewards website for more information.

Coke Rewards